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PirateGirl Ahoy

Embark on an epic adventure on board the Black Sparrow Pirate ship! You and your family will have the time of your lives searching for long lost treasures and battling the pirates of Peanut Island. Your 65-minute action packed adventure sets sail from Riviera Beach Marina daily.

Your young sprogs will have a swashbuckling adventure they'll be spinning yarns about for years! With tattoos and sailor vests our crew of determined little mates will cast off and hunt down that no good pirate Jack and capture the treasure! Once on board, the little scallywags will learn some fun pirate lingo before taking the Black Sparrow oath! There is plenty of revelry on board with the Captain and crew singing sea shanties and telling pirate stories! Every mate gets to man the massive water cannons to defend the ship from the evil pirate Jack and recover the treasure!

Each mate will take home a handful of loot to show their friends and will have a lifetime of pirate tales to tell. All on board will enjoy the pirate celebration as we sail back to port with our booty! So bring your young ones to join our crew on a pirate sized adventure they'll remember for years to come!